Betfair trading strategies | Pre-race horse racing trade explained in depth

Over the year and through many different YouTube videos I’ve defined and explained a whole number of different Betfair trading strategies, particularly on horse racing. Mainly because this is my favoured market.

Some videos are in great depth about specific strategies or markets, so you can understand exactly why I’m making these decisions.

This week threw up a large number of trades that were identical to Betfair trading strategies I’ve covered in the past, but I thought I would pick one trade to explain in much more depth.

I also chose this one, because I tweeted about it. So I gave advanced warning of what could be about to happen.

So in this video, I show how what I tweeted is linked to what I saw in the market early on and how it influenced what I did in the market. We look at the set-up to the market and how it traded from that point onward.

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