Betfair trading videos – Requests please!

I’ve recorded a lot of videos since this channel started in 2008. Based on the number of views the channel gets, I think I’m getting better at knowing what you are interested in.

However, I’l like to know directly from my subscribers exactly what you would like to see.

I’ve been in the market for 15 years, seen it all, worked at a high level with a lot of people including the exchanges, bookies. Traded over a hundred thousand markets, gambled hundreds of millions.

I’m sure we can get some good questions in the mix.

It could be about a certain strategy, about my journey, about the exchanges, about some of characters in the business, what I’m going to do next. I’m likely to have a comment to offer on most of them.

Of course the questions need to be sensible, but I’ll endeavour to answer those I can in future videos over time.


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