Betting and Betfair trading In-play with Bet Angel

If you are interested in betting or Betfair trading in-play on horse racing markets. Bet Angel contains a number of ways to enhance your ability to trade.

We have covered some of this, quite lightly, in this video: –

But in this video, we go a little bit deeper on the specifics of how some of the functions work by showing them in use.

We place a couple of trades in-play on a horse race and examine the direct trading features that you can use to execute these types of trades quickly and easily in the market.

Check out the keyboard shortcut editor, if you want to place your trades even faster!

We will do follow up videos to this one to discuss minimising liabilities when trading in-play and also about specfic stats.

You may also want to check out our video specifcally around how to read pace, which you hear me mention in this video: –

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