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I know most people are just looking for some quick betting tips for Euro 2020. It’s that’s what you are looking for you may not like this video.

But my approach is always to look at an event like this and dive into historical data to understand if there are some trends and characteristics that stand out.

When you find them then that can shape your approach to the tournament and what strategies you are likely to deploy in the market.

So that’s what I am focusing on in this video, basically what I’m looking for and how I feel it will impact what I do.

I hope this provides you with some insight into what I look, why and how that influences what I do.

Be careful with big tournaments though as any variability, which is extremely high when betting or doing some Betfair football trading strategies. You will find that any good or bad luck may not even out over the tournament.

This can be a problem, as you may be tempted by the higher amounts of liquidity. So I’ll offer some advice on that as well.

Video timelines: –

00:57 – Euro 2004 – My first tournament
02:30 – How the tournament has changed
03:35 – How much money will be matched?
05:13 – Which matches will see the most money matched?
06:36 – How many goals are scored on average
08:55 – Tournament markets
10:34 – Be careful with your staking
11:45 – Teams that I expect to do well

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