Football betting tips | A neat strategy which profits, by seeing the future!

Whether you are football betting or have a Betfair trading strategy of some sort. You would obviously be able to benefit from seeing the future! Nip to the future, get the result of a sports betting event, then zoom back to the present and offer up your betting tips!

But let’s get realistic. Even if you are Betfair trading, you need to be able to see the future to some extent, as you need to know where the odds will be at some point in the future.

Fortunately, help is at hand when it comes to football matches as there is an excellent Betfair trading strategy you can use where you can tell what is very likely to happen and more important when and on what match.

In this video, I talk through this concept and show you a trade that I and several others did this week using Bet Angel.

It involved picking a football match in the future, where we knew what would happen and how that was going to affect the market.

By backing and laying at the right moment, we netted a tidy profit before the match had even started!

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