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I have discussed how to profit from football matches pre-kick-off before. Visit the dedicated video here: –

In this video, I expand things further by showing you how to use ladder enhancements on Bet Angel to micromanage positions in a slow-moving market.

In the second part of this video, I have deliberately chosen a slow-moving market and a large stake to amplify this process so that you can see clearly what is going on.

Typically I wouldn’t suggest using this type of market, primarily because of the large stake you need to get a small amount. Also, it’s very slow-moving as a result of the very short price.

More competitive markets are a much better target and will yield a better return on stake. So when you try this it’s worth using small stakes at the bigger prices more competitive markets offer.

But for demonstration purposes, this shows very clearly how you would scalp for small profits on a football match and how you would profit before a ball has even been kicked.

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