How much do I get paid by Betfair?

The betting industry has a poor reputation for rewarding people to lose money. Betting affiliates and various other source refer clients to bookmakers and betting exchanges in order to earn a commission or fee.

You see a lot of betting companies, including Betfair, who just promote anybody if they think it will put in a punter!

You also have this problem that some affiliate schemes only payout on net losses. This means that affiliates only get paid if you lose. Therefore there is a massive distorted incentive to get people to bet, whether you believe you have a winning bet or not. It really makes no difference to the person promoting the betting system, scheme or site.

In the past, I’ve often been lumped in with this group, which is unfair. My story is very different from most. So I wanted to put that on record so that I have some I can refer to when people try this in the future.

I like to be different and I’m in the position where I can actively make a choice as to whether I do paid work or not. Most fees are pretty small in the scheme of things anyhow. So I actively turn down payment, so that I don’t have a distorted incentive.

But ultimately, it generally doesn’t matter. As the company that has the highest ability to reward me for my work, just chooses not to anyhow!


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