Profiting from Sports Betting | What’s the big secret?

I’ve been betting and Betfair trading for a very long time now. One of the things that I discovered is when betting, people tend to make obvious choices over less obvious choices.

This leads to a distortion in the market which creates opportunities for people willing to go against the grain.

Pursuing a betting strategy like this though requires a complete leap in mindset, a logical and appropriate staking strategy and willingness to accept that you will look like a complete fool the vast majority of the time.

You will also find that when you win, you will be considered lucky. People won’t believe that you actually bagged a winner at a big price.

But ultimately that is why this betting strategy has proved so profitable for me over so many years.

You find that people prefer the thrill of a regular win, even if it is not profitable in the long term. This tends to be because the most frequent winning strategies distort the market in such a way that while you win in the short term, you won’t profit in the long term.

In this video, we show you an example of how people get probabilities wrong and while it’s not directly applicable to sports betting, it should illustrate to you the key point of this video.

That is, that outside chances occur more frequently than people think!

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