Should professional Betfair traders post their trading results?

By the time this video is published Royal Ascot will have just finished and it’s almost inevitable, I posted a trading result/

You will often see me post my trading results, in isolation or in more detail, but I do this for a simple reason. I want to show you that I’m still active in the market and trading successfully.

Of course, for as long as there has been Betfair trading, there have been Betfair traders posting their results. Some look impressive, some are impressive and some are obviously fake.

There are ways to validate somebodies results, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Especially when you know that people that write for bookmakers, including Betfair, don’t need to have any evidence of profitability to dispense advice.

It’s shame, but it seems to commonplace whatever industry you are in. But I hope that by posting you understand my intent a bit better after watching this video.


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