The hidden Betfair betting exchange simulator

I saw some rumours today that Betfair was planning a betting exchange simulator in the UK. It reminded me of the fact that one already existed, but people probably never knew about it.

So here is a quick look at this ‘secret’ exchange simulator.

Betting with a sportsbook has always been pretty simple. You place a bet and that’s it. You win or lose, you just can’t choose.

But with a betting exchange you can back, lay, trade, dutch, hedge, there are so many options. But that in itself makes things a little more confusing for your average Joe punter.

So I think an exchange simulator for Betfair would be a good thing. It would give people the chance to play around with the concept without any fear.

Of course, on Bet Angel you have a full practice mode using real live market data, so that’s the best way to get really up to speed if you are serious.

But I thought I would highlight this, if you want to have a play or perhaps demonstrate how you could easily win a few dollars on a US horse race!

Here is the URL: –

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