£0 to £100,000 a Year: How Long to Trade a Living?

How long does it take to successfully day trade for a living? It’s a popular question that was recently asked by a viewer. In this video, Caan Berry explains how long it took him to trade for a living, if it can be done faster and how he would do it given the chance again…

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Amazon Book: amzn.to/2KTxTPC
Advanced Courses: https://caanberry.com/trading-courses

If you’re completely new to the concept of sports trading, see this introduction article that breaks down the basic process: https://caanberry.com/sports-trading/

Trading for a living isn’t as easy as it first looks. Following the advice in this video will certainly help you on your way, although it’s important to remember that many don’t make it. Day trading on any platform is a difficult skill to master, be it forex, stocks or Betfair.

As Caan explains in this video we would arise checking out the channels video page for further help. In particular, there is a trading psychology tutorial that other users rate highly. A link to this clip is shared in the video’s end-screen.

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This video explains how long it took me to trade Betfair for a living, and how you could do it faster.


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