4 Stages to Trading for A Living Online (Successfully)

Trading for a living is an attractive prospect for many. But are you ready? See these 4 stages of trading for a living to find out how far you have left to go…

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It doesn’t matter if you’re day trading forex, stocks or Betfair. Trading for a living can be stressful if you’re not ready. Full-time traders know that you have to be comfortably inside stage 4 before you can even consider it becoming a full-time occupation.

Below are the shortcuts to each stage of trading for a living:

0:33 Stage 1 – Total novice, unaware of your deficiency
2:51 Stage 2 – Beginner, conscious of the need to learn
4:24 Stage 3 – Intermediate, aware of growing skillset
6:28 Stage 4 – Professional, second nature

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This video is about day trading for a living online. It explains the 4 different stages of becoming a successful full-time trader.


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