A Dobbing Strategy Guide for Horse Racing (£20 Profit on a Loser)

This dobbing strategy guide shows you how to identify horses that routinely dob and then set notifications for their next performance. Get your tracker set up here: https://bit.ly/3b66JCV

Dobbing is a popular technique for in-play horse racing traders. It relies on a horses price contracting by a minimum of 50%, as the example in this video displays.

Timeform is useful for checking in-play hi/low prices and setting email notifications the next time a dobbing selection is due to perform. Check it out here: https://bit.ly/3b66JCV

Shortcuts in this video:

0:00 What dobbing means in horse racing
1:00 Maths behind a dobbing trade or bet
2:15 How to find horse racing statistics that identify dobbing selections
3:00 Example of a dobbing selection on-screen
7:20 Key characteristics to dobbing selections

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This video explains what dobbing is and how dobbing strategy works with the use of historical data.


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