Ben Keith CEO of Star Sports on: Affordability, Restriction & More… | EPISODE 2 Betting Insiders

Check out this week’s interview upload where Caan talks with Ben Keith, the CEO of Start Sports, a fully licensed bookmaker in the United Kingdom. Listen in as they talk about how Ben reached his position, thoughts on winners, the relationship between bookie and punter, affordability, restrictions and much more…

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3:30 How star sports began
16:01 How do you see the betting industry developing in the future
19:50 Betting restrictions, bonus abuse and palpable errors
27.07 Affordability problems and view as a bookmaker
30.31 The Gambling Commission
31:33 Bookies v punters thoughts
36:07 If you had one wish for the industry going forward

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This video chat with Ben Keith of Star Sports Bookmakers.


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