Best Betting Advice for 2020 (11 Questions Answered)

If you’re looking for betting advice for the year ahead, you’re in the right place!

Join Caan as he answers 11 of your top betting questions for 2020. Also, for more betting help, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to avoid missing future content.

Answered in this video:

1. How do you predict a winner in football or racing?
2. What’s the biggest danger to betting successfully?
3. What’s the number 1 strategy in betting?
4. How do you deal with a losing bet?
5. Where’s the best place to have a bet?
6. Which betting tipsters are worth following?
7. How should you choose the right size bets?
8. Will statistics help you win more often?
9. What’s the easiest sport to make money from?
10. Have betting exchanges ruined bookmaking?
11. Do betting systems work?

Some of those answers may not have been the ones you were looking for! However, we pride ourselves on giving the best betting advice possible. There’s just no point in beating about the bush.

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