Betfair Sports Director: Your Questions Answered | EPISODE 5 Betting Insiders

This is an exclusive call with a senior member of Betfair leadership to answer questions about the Betfair Exchange, account problems, premium charges, outages and much more. It’s positive to hear about recent changes to Betfair’s feedback process. If you have a suggestion of your own please leave it below!

There are a few shortcuts to the main questions below, although much more is covered to please watch it all…

0:09 Introduction to Richard
2:04 Betting Exchange liquidity and growth
9:03 Account suspensions and deposit restrictions
14:12 Premium Charges allowances and changes
20:12 Exchange outages and technical problems
24:14 In-play time delays
25:59 Do Betfair seed and trade the markets
27:09 Foreign access and Betfair Exchange
29:40 Customer service problems for Exchange users

Full Industry Insiders Playlist:

This is a call with Betfair UK & Ireland Sports Director about Betfair Exchange.


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