Football Index: 5 Major Risks For Users | Why I Won’t Be Using It…

Here’s my review of Football Index, sharing 5 reasons I won’t be using it myself. If you’ve considered using football index or are currently using it I would highly recommend you watch and process all of the information shared. I also explain several common questions about the platform, available via the time links below.

In this video:

1:26 How football index works
2:06 Buying shares on football index explained
3:29 How to price players on football index trading platform
5:00 Order books explained
6:45 How dividends work on football index
7:38 How media dividends work
9:45 How in play dividends work
10:39 How match day dividends work on football index
12:42 Dividend terms of use
14:44 Career ending injuries for shares on football index
15:19 How shares are issued on football index
15:52 What minting new shares means
19:26 How safe are player funds and what are protection levels
21:42 How market liquidity is maintained
23:48 3 Biggest liquidity problems
25:26 Will football index recover long-term?

Also, you can find the 5 risks that concern me most on the following times:

01.26 – Shares or expiring bets?
06.45 – The terms of dividend contracts?
15.19 – Diluting market value?
19.25 – How safe is your money?
21.42 – Can they obtain real liquidity?

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If you have an experience or additional insight about the Football Index platform and how it works then please share it with other viewers via the comments below.

This video is for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as financial advice.

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This is an informational explainer about Football Index.


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