Gambling Addiction: How to Stop Problem Gambling…

Could you have a gambling addiction? Know how to stop problem gambling behaviour? See more for a detailed explanation (and some actionable steps to help make changes).

Quick links:

0:54 – who this clip will help
2:55 – problem with gambling addiction (why)
3:18 – the behavioural cycle / loop (3 stages)
4:05 – example of addictive cycle
5:24 – reason for powerful loop (involuntary)
8:01 – identifying addiction
8:35 – how do you solve the problem of addictive behaviour?
9:16 – first step to resolution
10:03 – understanding problem triggers
12:21 – cause of gambling addiction
12:58 – override controls available
13:25 – 3 points to surroundings
13:40 – habitual changes
14:22 – routine changes
15:21 – physical environment changes
16:47 – manual control measures
17:51 – hidden problem for gambling addicts (relapse)

In this video:

Caan talks about the behavioural traits that accompany problem gambling and how you can re-shape your situation for positive change.

Gambling addiction is a very serious problem all over the world. If you think that you are experiencing destructive behaviour and need to quit gambling, please use the links provided below.

Alternately, these type of behaviours still exist for young traders. Going in-play being the most notable example. Try and use some of the information provided to raise awareness and create more positive and responsible behaviour.

If this video has provided you with some kind of help, or experienced a problem in the past – please share your story and support for others.

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Gamble aware:

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