Guide to In Running Trading Tool (Full Review)

Watch as I guide you around the In Running Trading Tool’s interface, step-by-step.

The tool review:


1:00 – Key features.
1:41 – What is DOBBING? Explanation.
2:12 – Interface introduction.
2:22 – Racecard tab menu.
5:40 – Individual racecard information.
7:29 – Back to lay menu.
8:54 – In Running calculator.
10:25 – Lay to Back menu.
10:53 – Dobbing menu.
12:29 – Short InRunning menu.
12:42 – In Running Trading Tool settings explained.
13:37 – What is TROBBING? Explained.
15:32 – Runner display settings.
16:49 – Race display settings.

In running trading has grown in popularity since the beginning of online sports exchanges. Seeing historical trading information can assist users in identifying potential opportunities going forward. However, it’s important to mention that past performance is not necissarily a direct indication of future events. It can only guide you towards a more informed decision.

Thanks for watching, we hope it helped you out!

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This is a guide to the In Running Trading Tool software application.


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