How Artificial Intelligence is Beating the Bookie | Beth.Bet is Improving Betting Prediction Forever

It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence improved betting prediction so you could beat the bookies! This video shows you exactly how science is taking the luck out of prediction with statistics and mathematics. It’s a real eye-opener so make sure you’re listening…

If you’re making betting predictions online or trying to beat the bookies at the races, you probably realise how important it is to get the right prediction at the right price. When you realise how many variables there are to consider, it becomes difficult. This is why the tech team at Beth.Bet has created the artificial intelligence software shown throughout this video. It’s like having a team of statisticians forecasting on your behalf!

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This is a 3rd party software review for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.

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This is a video about how science is taking the luck out of betting prediction with artificial intelligence software.


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