How Long to Make Steady Profits? [Q & A]

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Recently LiamF asked the popular question: how long to make a steady profit?

Here’s a Q & A style clip answering that!

A few short-links for this clip:

0:18 – LiamF’s question
0:31 – reasons this needed answering
1:14 – important differentiation to make
1:40 – other traders answers
2:06 – how long it took Caan
3:10 – how to make steady profits
3:30 – how to make winning easier
4:40 – reality of making profit
5:38 – 4 points for steady results
7:21 – putting odds in your favour
7:52 – a question for you

If you’re just starting out of have been trading a while, it’s probably of interest. The answer of course isn’t likely to make any difference to overall performance, but it’s an interesting topic none the less. Be sure to check out the Q & A playlist for other user questions.

If you enjoyed this video, you may also like to see more details about submitting your questions on the forum here:

Thanks for watching!


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