How to be a Better Trader FASTER! (Q&A)

The Betfair traders Q & A has a new question! It’s a good one to kick off with again…

References in the video:

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There’s a lot to take on-board here, and some of it might look like common sense.

But if that’s the case, why aren’t you doing it?

Becoming a better trader centres around efficiency. It always has done and always will, trading is largely a game of small increments. Learning from the angle of 80/20 is something I have now applied to all areas of my life. It makes a hell of a difference!

Find the shortcuts (like the daily list) and spend your time on the things that matter most – moving your game forward.

The question is; are you being productive?

I sincerely hope this has helped you in making improvements to your trading ability. Taking the shortest route is always wise!

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