How to Matched Bet & Arb Faster (New Geeks Toy Feature)

Learn how to Matched Bet with for FREE, and then speed up the process with new feature displayed in this video via the Geeks Toy software for Betfair.

Matched Betting and Arbitrage at speed is typically a more advanced area of focus because some exchange market prices move quicker than others. However, when done right, those in the know will inevitably generate better results.

Now with the use of the Geeks Toy new Matched Betting feature, it’s possible for all to place their counter-bets fast and effectively.

Be sure to download the latest software release to ensure you have this functionality.

If you found it of use, make sure you check out our Matched Betting Playlist:

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This video tutorial shows how you can Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting can be done faster using the Geeks Toy Software for Betfair.

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