How to Pick a Front-Running Horse (Quickly)

Daily Shortlist Link:

Many traders like to focus on the front running angle, because it’s so simple. Fortunately, in this clip we’ve made it even simpler for you!

Have a watch and learn how to pick a front running horse (or at least severely shorten time spent looking) with our daily front runner selections. Linked above.

A few shortlinks for this clip:

0:19 – new front running shortlist feature
0:36 – problems selecting front running horses
1:10 – our front running solution
2:10 – other influencing factors
2:49 – front running selection shortlist example
3:40 – see how the horses performed
4:03 – Brandon Hill
4:50 – Presenting Mahler

If you enjoyed this video, you may also like to hear about the support network we’re building on-site here:

Whatever you do, pick your selection carefully! Using the racing post and other informational sites is likely to take a lot longer when picking a front running horse!



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