How to Trade Australian Horse Racing on Betfair (30 Min Tutorial)

This tutorial shows you how to trade Australian horse racing on Betfair Australia’s sports exchange. Following the recent screen recording, many of you wanted more. See last weeks upload here:

Advanced trading course:

2:07 What’s the shortest route to successful trading
7:05 Lower Turnover Strategy
13:25 Short-term Turnover Bias Strategy
22:50 Momentum Swing Trading Strategy

Having a solid horse racing trading strategy to use on Betfair is the only real way to produce long-term success. Many users get caught up in trying to guess the future. Successful trading strategy focuses on working probabilities to your favour in order to produce consistent results over the extended period.

Make sure you watch the whole of this upload to get more insight as to how the markets can be traded.

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This tutorial shows you how to trade horse racing on Betfair Australia’s Exchange with on-screen recordings and trading examples.


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