How To Win Betting: Finding an ADVANTAGE (in 2018)

Everyone wants to know how to win in betting, but very few manage it.

In this video I discuss the elements required if you are to win when it comes to sports betting, particularly on the exchanges.

Some time ago, Betdaq took me to Charlton Athletics football ground to record this clip on finding your own advantage (or edge as it’s commonly known).

If you’re trying to develop a football betting strategy or just follow tips, this will open your eyes up to what’s required. Most people just follow football betting tips in the hope of a winner. Over the longer period, this approach isn’t successful, particularly when using a bookmaker.

On Betdaq, the current level of commission is just 2% where as the general betting odds are better (tighter overround). If you haven’t already, it’s worth giving them a look!

Alternatively, see another explanation video about how they work here:
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