Laying Betting, Backing and Decimal Odds EXPLAINED (2018):

Lay betting confuses many people, it really shouldn’t though. Here’s a quick but effective video explaining how lay betting works and why decimal odds are important to you, the user.

You will learn; how to convert betting odds from fractions to decimals, why you may prefer to lay a bet (in decimals) and why it’s the best way to do business in the modern world…

It’s not unusual to find that some people don’t know how to place a lay bet either, so we’ve cleared that one up too! What more could you want?

This isn’t the only video of it’s kind though. Make sure you check out the other 4 videos in this 5 part explainer series. There’s more to betting exchanges than just having a punt, as you may have noticed in the previous video.

Not sure how Exchanges work? See this:
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