Mark Iverson: Full-Time Cricket Betting for a Living | EPISODE 4 Betting Insiders

Mark Iverson has been betting on Cricket full-time for over 10 years. Known in the Betfair Trading world as a professional he speaks about his experiences with Cricket, Betfair and how it’s impacted his life. Check it out, it’s an extremely insightful one…

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0:17 The order of discussion on this call
0:42 How Mark Iverson got started with full-time Cricket betting
2:15 When Mark went full-time betting and trading
3:01 Part-time trading experiences in the early stages
4:02 What trading in the early days of Betfair was like
4:31 The transition to betting for a living
6:26 Coping with the highs and lows
8:04 Relationships with family and betting for a living
8:41 Premium Charge and cricket on Betfair
11:50 How India liquidity has changed in Cricket
12:53 API-NG changes and their impact
13:53 How Betfair Sportsbook has changed Cricket trading
15:26 The dream killer
18:07 Dealing with outages on Betfair Exchange
22:22 How has Cricket changed your life
22:54 Questions and answers from followers

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This weeks interview is with Mark Iverson a Cricket betting and trading expert.


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