My Horse Racing Trading Setup Revealed (Hardware & Settings)

Do you know what spec computer you need for horse racing trading on Betfair? This video answers that question. Watch as Caan shares his own personal setup, why he has it that way and where you can hack your way to having an advantage over other exchange users.

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Hardware I use:

Minimum advised setup specifications:

– Windows Operating System (7, 8, 10+).
– 1.6GHz single core processor.
– 1GB RAM.
– 20MB Hard disk space.

These specifications are the bare minimum required. However, additional RAM and processing power is preferable. The majority of system resources will be taken by streaming charts and live video, particularly if set to a very high refresh rate. For mos of todays entry-level PC’s, these specifications are very low.

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This video shows you what computer and software you need to successfully trade horse racing on Betfair’s exchange.


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