USA Sports Betting Risk-Free With OddsJam’s Alex Monahan | EPISODE 8 Betting Insiders

Meet Oddsjam’s founder as we discuss growth in the USA online sports betting industry, massive sign-up bonuses, risk-free betting arbitrage*, sharp betting, parlays and more. Oddsjam YouTube channel here:

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USA sports betting is growing fast with more states coming on board in 2022. For those who are able, it’s highly advisable to exploit betting arbitrage opportunities on the US sportsbooks as fast as possible. Some of the opportunities that are currently available won’t be there forever!

Feel free to check out Oddsjam’s YouTube channel for more details on the software tools they are creating to show mathematical edges in the sports betting markets.

*Excluding outages and problems with bet placement during the arbitrage process.

This video is for informational purposes only, always do your own due diligence.

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This is an interview with Oddsjam’s founder Alex Monahan about USA sports betting online and risk-free arbitrage betting.


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