Why £100 Limit DESTROYS Sports Betting But DOESN’T Help Addicts…

This is why a £100 limit on betting will destroy the sports betting industry without helping those who need help. It’s a full explanation with timestamps and references linked below. Please share your view below as this is an important topic.

Links to videos directly referenced within this upload:

4 Ways to Skip Affordability Easily – https://youtu.be/3xE3lufYuOI
Woke Lunatics Ruin Betting – https://youtu.be/XGvYTwABwdc

0:05 £100 loss cap for gambling online UK
1:31 What is the problem with a £100 affordability limit
2:12 Two large differences between gambling types
3:02 Worst gambling harm via slots and casino games
4:02 Should the offender be in policing the solution?
4:47 Prohibitive problems for users
5:07 Intrusive affordability checks being exploited by bookies
6:33 Collateral damage £100 loss cap would cause
7:47 How horse racing will be affected by £100 gambling limits
8:13 Why the £100 limit is poorly thought out solution
9:12 Moving a problem or solving it?
10:03 Understanding sports betting variance
10:41 Gambling Commission failures
11:54 What’s the solution to this issue?
12:15 Why any solution HAS to be independent

Thanks for watching, please feel free to discuss your views on this topic below.

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This video is about the new UK gambling act 2021 and £100 affordability cap.


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