DOB Pre-Named Runner – Another Follow Up

A strategy’s success is dependent on the quality of the selections it uses, but if the selection process cannot be changed or enhanced it may be possible to modify the strategy settings to compensate.

The strategy used in previous videos utilised a DOB trade with a covering trade. In this case the result show a change to the strategy in the the aforementioned DOB trade is now a straight forward back bet. If the covering trade is fully matched, then a free bet is achieved on the named runner

Copyright Alistair Hamilton

Disclaimer: The videos presented here should be regarded as demonstrations and nothing more. No claim is made that the techniques shown represent long term profitable strategies or indeed if they are regularly used. They are there to inspire you to develop your own methods for trading on the exchanges. If they do that then they have done their job.

Feel free to comment but note I do not have the time to enter into any debate.


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