Horse Racing Trading Strategy for Beginners on Betfair Exchange | Caan Berry

If you’re looking for a beginners horse racing trading strategy this video shares an example on Betfair’s Exchange. You can back, lay and trade or cash out with the methods shown to lock in a profit. Check out the other links and timestamps below for more…

Trading Courses:

0:20 What is Betfair trading?
0:37 How does Betfair trading work?
1:25 Horse racing trade on the Betfair Exchange website
2:50 Step 1 of a Betfair horse racing trade (opening)
3:14 Step 2 of a trade on Betfair’s Exchange
3:35 Step 3 of a horse racing trade (closing out)
4:51 Numerical trading breakdown

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This video is for informational purposes and is not financial advice.

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This video explains a horse racing trading strategy for Betfair by Caan Berry.


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