Live Q&A with Tennis Betting Analyst – Dan Weston

Tennis Betting Analyst & Expert, Dan Weston, joins Alex to answer all of your betting questions before the Australian Open starts on Monday.
0:00 Introduction
3:04 Thoughts on strange results in ITF matches
5:07 What do you bet on? Prematch, live, exchange?
9:27 How accurate are your hold estimations compared to the actual hold in real games?
12:41 How much is it possible to make with Trademate Pro? (
13:58 Did you read Game, Set, Cash the mad world of court siding?
14:50 Is it possible to build a bankroll from scratch only betting outright markets?
19:55 Do you think Roger Federer will retire soon? And thoughts on Nadal?
21:27 What are your thoughts on this unique situation we are in with the Grand Slams? Will some players struggle more without crowds?
26:00 If a server has a poor percentage on the first serve do you see then more games going to deuce?
26:33 How would you compare the efficiency of tennis markets compared to other high liquidity markets like football and cricket?
29:59 Shapovalov vs Sinner?
32:45 Was the 2020 French Open fixed?
34:44 Why doesn’t level staking work?
36:15 How useful are your choking stats you have produced on each player?
39:20 Which tools and statistical methods do you use to model tennis?
43:08 Did you notice price inaccuracies on Unibet and 888sport?
43:40 Do we need to beat the Tennis closing line by a bigger margin than soccer for example?
46:12 Would you say that beginners should avoid trading challengers or is there an edge to be found if you are disciplined and following a stats based approach and entry points as mentioned in your book?
47:26 Thoughts on the new gambling legislation?
50:25 Is there anyone who could dominate the slams like Nadal or Djokovic?
53:45 What is the weight of past results when building a tennis model?
55:27 Do you think the bots are taking positions on asians and exchanges?
56:15 Value plays for the Australian Open?


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