Caan Berry Interview: Becoming A Pro Trader Part 1

Part 1 of Betfair guru Caan Berry’s chat with covers off how he started trading, first coming across the Exchange in 2007 before starting to take trading seriously in 2009. At the turn of the decade, Caan discovered the array of betting applications compatible with Betfair and that was when he started making considerable amounts of money.

Predominantly trading on racing and tennis, Caan does most of his work in pre-play markets in racing but is always paying attention in-play in case a situation comes about where he can improve on his position.

Finally, Caan discusses the importance of keeping a clear head when betting, mainly by exercising and by refraining from regularly checking his balance, instead putting importance behind the long-term benefits of his trading and checking his transactions fortnightly.

You can find a heap of Caan Berry’s educational articles on the Betfair Hub:

Learn more about the third-party tools that Caan mentions here:

Check out Caan Berry’s YouTube channel:


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