Hanging out with the Monkey – Episode 9 – The Open Special

The ninth episode of OddsMonkey’s new Podcast – Hanging out with the Monkey! The guys discuss The Open. Graeme Bailey […]

Betfair football trading – Profit from penalties

As we moved through the final stages of the World Cup I was reminded of penalties again. Thankfully England broke […]

[EXPOSED] Betfair Tennis Trading “Back The Server” Strategy

Discover how to perform the tennis trading strategy of “Back The Server” alongside live examples of the method in action. […]

C’mon England!

It’s coming home, it’s coming home! Indeed it is, will never get a better chance than this to get to […]

World Cup Bookmaker Offers (Quarter Finals)

A quick run down of the current offers so far for the World Cup Quarter Finals

Combining Liabilities On A Betting Exchange

Combining your liabilities in the same market on a betting exchange is a great way to make your matched betting […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – How to make money at the World Cup (so far)

I avidly analyse everything, even those two flies scaling the window over there. It’s how you get and maintain an […]

Clever stuff on Football markets with Bet Angel and an Excel Spreadsheet

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Poland v Colombia – Low Draw Inflation %

Videos brought to you from http://www.prematchtrading, http://www.inplaytrading.com and http://www.drawinflation.com. Making profits before kick off and inplay using our tools. To […]

How To Predict Price Moves In Tennis Trading! [SECRET FORMULA]

Discover HOW to predict the tennis trading price moves on Betfair. The SECRET formula has now been revealed… ‘ This […]


Trading the last eight minutes to try to make £10 before the race even starts.

The best World Cup football trade so far!

I did a video recently where I was pointing out a couple of simple trades and how you could do […]

Peter Webb – The Sports trading cycle & Bet Angel

When you are trading on Betfair you will find there is a lot of seasonality. This occurs because of the […]

How to Survive: Profitable Trading Strategy

In a tricky Q & A Caan answers the longer term survival question. Markets are changing all the time, that’s […]

Hanging out with the Monkey – Episode 8 – Wimbledon Special

The eighth episode of OddsMonkey’s new Podcast – Hanging out with the Monkey! sees the guys discuss Wimbledon and the […]

🎾Tennis Trading [On Betfair] – What Causes Market Movement?

Want to learn about Betfair Tennis Trading? This video will show you what moves the markets during an in-play tennis […]

LIVE Betfair Trading Webinar: Your Q & A

Do you want to see a live Betfair trading webinar? There’s certainly a list of people who do… all answered […]

Short video explaining Draw Inflation

Anything outside outside of 6-16% we can trade and make money before the markets realign back in M Odds. To […]

Harry Findlay on life and gambling – Racing UK

This is the official YouTube channel of Racing UK. Racing UK is the UK’s leading horse racing channel showing every […]

Bet Angel – 2018 World Cup Trading Tips – Updated!

Now that we are a bit further into the World Cup, we now have some experience on what’s happened so […]

France v Peru – Lay The Draw with free £200 on the 0-0 score

This video shows another way to trade using prematch profits taking inplay and to LTD with 1-1 and 2-2 covered […]

Denmark v Australia – Low Draw Inflation %

Another example of how we can trade and profit based on certain things given and shown on the PMT auto […]

Hanging out with the Monkey – Episode 7 – Royal Ascot Special

The seventh episode of OddsMonkey’s new Podcast – Hanging out with the Monkey! sees the guys dicsuss Royal Ascot. Graeme […]

Royal Ascot Special

In this edition of the Matchbook Betting Podcast, Emmet Kennedy is joined by ITV’s Francesca Cummani, Matchbook Ambassador Joseph O’Brien and Racing […]

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – World Cup mega video

It’s not often the world cup comes around, so let’s do it properly. Here is a lengthy video explaining my […]

What LEADS Price Movement? (and Why)

Recent clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Hn4hXydKw&lc=UgwTMy2PAxs_WPf3k8J4AaABAg What leads a price movement and why? A followers Q & A all about motivating factors in […]