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Link to the data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UQYxOh-mUHfAm9OByLhzX0ooiQQUqYshfnDJLWRYHUY/edit?usp=sharing After a successful three months testing period Martin shows us inside the lay the draw […]

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Scanner Promo 7 days for £1

Here we go please like/retweet/spread word, want to become an affil and promote this? Please mail footballscanner@gmail.com Register or login […]

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Commentator error

Carnage in the betting as the commentator calls the wrong donkey.

Peter Webb – Bet Angel – Profiting in ‘perfectly efficient’ betting markets

Everywhere you look people will tell you that the market is perfectly efficient and I’d generally agree with that. But […]

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If you are using Bet Angel 1.53 you will have a new feature included called ‘Quick bets’. The key concept […]


The In Running Guide is full of videos like this showing you exactly what to look for.

Betfair trading – A nice little trend trade on Betfair horse racing markets

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