Betfair trading | What creates price movement on Horse racing markets?

Here is another snippet of the Livestream session that I did, this answers one of the most common questions that […]


Why are so many Betfair accounts being suspended and closed? Here are my experiences and understanding of the recent surge. […]

Livestream snippets | Peter Webb on Automating your Betfair trading

Thank you for all those people that came on the live stream or watched the replay of the live stream. […]

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Lockdown livestream!

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How to Find Reliable Front Running Horses Daily (+£30 Example) | Caan Berry

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Winter Gold #3: The Reports One

A look at Gold’s report content, and how you can profit from it.

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Trading On Betfair With The Badger

Some old Adam Todd gold discovered on an old PC I was cleaning up. Very little explanation needed!

Creating a Betfair lay betting bot on Bet Angel

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Live AMA with Adam – Digitex City Explained

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Sending and Receiving Profitable Trading Strategies Guide – BTC Stats Software

Here’s how to share profitable filter settings with other “inner circle” BTC members in super quick time https://betfairtradingcommunity.com

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Winter Gold #2: The Racecards One

A broadcast to look at some of the brilliant time-saving and winner-finding features of Geegeez Gold’s racecards

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Betfair Trading in the Coronavirus New Lockdown Update!

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Once a year I set aside one week to sleep during the day and work at night. That time is […]

Winning strategies, HTO, Goalwatch and Trade of the Days using the brilliant Inplay Scanner

Tips, tools, and much more on the footie from http://www.inplaytrading.com.

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Winter Gold #1: Setting up to succeed, or How to avoid sabotaging your own betting prospects

A topic that is overlooked by most losing bettors and very few winning ones: setting up to succeed. Betting is […]

Setting up to succeed: How to avoid sabotaging your own betting prospects

A topic that is overlooked by most losing bettors and very few winning ones: setting up to succeed. Betting is […]