Inverted DOBbing Strategy – Follow Up

WARNING! Don’t try this at home. Apologies for the click bait-like title. This video uses a strategy that will be […]

Dobbing, Back to Lay & Lay To Back Explained – Betfair Horse Racing Trading for Beginners

Dobbing, back to lay and lay to back are the most popular horse racing strategies on Betfair. Here we explain […]

Betfair Trading Tips for Royal Ascot 2022

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What Bizarre Idea Is This?

As a celebration of posting the 100th video to the channel I revisit an old friend in the ‘In-running Scalping […]

Race Meter Sprint

Using the grid on BetJet Pro to trade a sprint. Using the L key, just one click allows you to […]

Live Horse Racing Trading – Back The Favourite Set & Forget Strategy Walkthrough – Betfair Exchange

Keith has created a back the favourite horse racing strategy that is better than mine! So here it is, with […]

DOB Pre-Named Runner – Another Follow Up

A strategy’s success is dependent on the quality of the selections it uses, but if the selection process cannot be […]

DOB Pre-Named Runner – Follow Up

Some examples of tweaks you can make to a strategy as you try to enhance it’s performance in relation to […]

#BettingPeople Interview SIMON HOLDEN Professional Punter 3/3

In Part 3, Simon talks about making the decision to ‘stop losing’, having the right attitude to bet, suggesting a […]

95% of Betfair Traders LOSE ££ : Is it True?

Are you one of the losing traders on Betfair? If so you will want to watch this video! It aims […]

#BettingPeople Interview SIMON HOLDEN Professional Punter 2/3

In Part 2, Simon talks about Writing ‘The Betting Blueprint’, starting from a non-racing and not entirely approving family, how […]

I Bet on Horse Racing Tips for 30 Days – Betting Challenge

I bet on Andy Holdings horse racing tips for 30 days on OddsChecker. See what happened in this video where […]

#BettingPeople Interview SIMON HOLDEN Professional Punter 1/3

Simon Holden is a professional tipster, punter and author, specialising in horse racing and golf, his book ‘The Betting Blueprint’ […]

How to Make Money from Arbitrage Betting, then take it to a whole new level!

I’m going to share with you how I made money from arbitrage betting but took it to a whole new […]

DOB Pre-Named Runner Live Trial 5th June 2022 – See Description

Using the DOB with cover strategy, a number of races from 5th June 2022 with William Hill commentary. Stay until […]

Profitable Dobbing – Back To Lay – Horse Racing Strategy | Betfair Trading DOB System 2022

Only a Few Spaces Left! Sign up today here: https://btc.thrivecart.com/horse-racing-software/ This is a walkthrough guide of John’s profitable dobbing horse […]

DOBbing With Cover

This video shows how to split your stake into one that creates a DOB and another that provides you with […]

DOBs – 2 Different Kinds

Using a DOBbing trading strategy to illustrate the difference between a % (exact) trading offset and a % (true) trading […]

18 Profitable Betfair Trading Horse Racing Strategies – Download To Keep! DOB – B2L – Lay Strats Etc

18 Profitable Betfair Trading Horse Racing Strategies – https://btc.thrivecart.com/horse-racing-software/ Download them and keep them for yourself to have forever! We […]

Gold Nuggets: Epsom Preview 2022

A look at some of the races at the Epsom Derby meeting 2022 using the tools available on Geegeez Gold. […]

Pro Gambler Reacts to Betfair Ads

Betfair adverts and strategy have become confusing. This video reacts to a selection of Betfair adverts whilst sharing my views […]

Lay Pre-race Steamer Using Fairbot Automation

Using the ‘Selection Historic Relative Odds’ rule condition you can automate the process of looking for a pre-race steamer. In […]

#BettingPeople Interview MATT MANTLE In-running punter 3/3

Matt talks about how badly things can go wrong when making a misjudgement, gives us another demonstration – using a […]

Automation Rule Editor Overview

A brief overview of the functions within the Automation Rule Editor and how they determine when, what and how an […]

Betfair Tennis Trading – Easiest Strategy For 2022

Tennis trading on Betfair? Welcome to the easy, profitable, don’t need to know anything about tennis strategy – That works […]

#BettingPeople Interview MATT MANTLE In-running punter 2/3

Matt gives advice to people who have had bad experiences betting in-running, gives other demonstrations – this time using a […]

Inverted DOBbing Strategy

WARNING! Don’t try this at home. Apologies for the click bait-like title. This video uses a strategy that will be […]

#BettingPeople Interview MATT MANTLE In-running punter 1/3

This week we revisit Matthew Mantle, a professional in-running punter who has made it pay from home, something many thought […]

Betfair Trading for Beginners: How You Really Should Trade

Betfair Trading can be a daunting task for beginners. But in this video, we show you how you should really […]

11 – Betting Rules – Betfair Horse Racing Software

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Switch Greyhound Strategy If One Is Not Working

If you assign an automated strategy to a selection greyhound races be prepared to switch strategy when it looks like […]

Back In The Office – Screen Real-estate Rules

Covid restrictions have eased and I’ve regained access to my office and, more importantly, my main computer with its two […]

#BettingPeople Interview LUKE PATON Pro Golf Punter 5/5

Luke talks about what used to work but doesn’t any more, spotting something going sour, not adapting enough to an […]

BetJet Pro SE mode

How to change Stop Entry setting on the grid. Note this function only allows changes for this one event, and […]

Betfair Automated Trading is Easy & Will Save You Huge Amounts of Time | Plus Pre-made Bots for You!

Automation will change your trading life! A lot of Betfair traders now automate their trading so that they save lots […]

Bet Angel’s NEW InPlay Trader features | Betfair trading software

Bet Angel version 1.59 now includes additional enhancements to the popular InPlay Trader tool. In this video, I talk you […]