BetJet Pro Grid Laying

Laying in running using BetJet Pro and the L key to place the trade at a fixed maximum price and […]

#BettingPeople – RICH HASSALL (Part 1)

Rich explains why after being the ‘mystery punter’ and staying under the radar he’s decided to come out of the […]

All Things Sports Betting | Sunday Streams Ep. 7

After a two week break, Alex is back to answer any questions and talk all things sports betting!

Betting and Betfair trading In-play with Bet Angel

If you are interested in betting or Betfair trading in-play on horse racing markets. Bet Angel contains a number of […]

Is Chris Eubanks Jr’s £10,000 Canelo Bet Real? | William Hill Bet Slip

Canelo Alverez fights Billy Joe Saunders but who will win? Chris Eubank Jr claims to have placed a £10,000 bet […]

#BettingPeople – SOPHIE RALSTON (Part 2)

In Part 2, Sophie gives Hannah an insight into her weighing room experiences when beginning her career, and shares her […]

Betfair trading with Bet Angel | How to create your own special in-play data

Betfair trading is all about getting an edge. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do in Bet Angel […]

How to Find Accurate Football Statistics Fast on Mobile | #Shorts

Here’s a quick one that’ll help you find accurate football statistics #shorts The stats referenced are here: https://caanberry.com/infogol

How Bet365 Cash-Out Works & Why You Shouldn’t Use It (Including Partial Cash-Out)

Important explanation about Bet365 cash out, how it works and why you should think twice before using it. The same […]

#BettingPeople – SOPHIE RALSTON (Part 1)

In part 1, we find out why Sophie left Ireland to come to England to pursue her career in racing. […]

I Do Not Have Time to Trade on Betfair!

Have you ever thought I would love to trade on Betfair but you don’t really have the time to do […]

The only strategy that works 100% of the time on Betfair

Do you want to know the ONLY strategy on Betfair that works 100% of the time? This video I am […]

Researching Tennis Matches (Detailed)

This a follow up video to the “Base check” from 2019. In this video I cover the Base check but […]

Betfair trading | A simple but very effective football trading strategy

For more football trading and betting advice, including market selection what some of our other videos on this channel. Such […]

Greater Fool Theory Explained in 60 Seconds For Investors | #Shorts

Here’s a short explainer about greater fool theory #shorts

Social Media Boycott: What’s the REAL Reason?

Have you considered there may be other reasons for the social media boycott this weekend? What’s it all really about? […]

BetJet Pro Lay The Field

Lay the field on the BetJet Pro grid.

BetJet Pro Grid Laying

Just looking to straight lay a beaten horse on the grid? This is how to do it on BetJet pro.

BetJet Pro Ladder Lay

Laying in a three horse race using the gauges.

Can Matched Bettors Become Successful Betfair Traders?

Matched Betting v Betfair Trading; what’s best and can you move your matched betting into Betfair trading easily? Caan Berry […]

Customer Support: Bet Super-Fun & Super-Fair | Stacey Answers Caan’s Call…

This parody call highlights the state of customer support in the betting industry right now. Showing how they are quick […]

How to Narrow Down Your Betfair Trading Selections

Get sent your free strategies here: https://betfairtradingcommunity.com/en There are three key things to consider when narrowing your selections: 1. Check […]

Bet Angel | Automated Betfair trading | Using stored values

We are going to be releasing some more videos on using some of the more advanced functions on Bet Angel […]

#BettingPeople – RACHEL CANDELORA (Part 2)

In Part 2, Rachel talks about her journey into Racing TV and provides advice for those seeking to enter racing […]

Who else wants to know how to work out entry and exit points?

Is there a bigger question on Betfair than entry and exit point – What should my entry be and what […]

Horse Racing Trading Strategy for Beginners on Betfair Exchange | Caan Berry

If you’re looking for a beginners horse racing trading strategy this video shares an example on Betfair’s Exchange. You can […]

#BettingPeople – RACHEL CANDELORA (Part 1)

In Part 1, Rachel discusses her handicapping methods, her favourite angles to approach races and how she deals with losing […]

Betfair trading | Get more winning trades using this set-up

A lot of trading is quite simple at its core, but often people overlook the basics when trying to trade […]

BETFAIR GRAPHS: 3 Top Tips (How to Read a Betting Graph to Make More Money)

This weeks upload explains how you can read a betting graph on Betfair’s Exchange to make better-informed decisions and understand […]

Creating a Trading Strategy? Start Here!

Pro Betfair Trader Martin tells us how to create strategies based on our own theories, giving three real life examples […]

9/10 traders think this about strategies – Are you one of them?

9/10 traders think the same think about strategies on Betfair, my question is are you one of the traders that […]

Staking Accumulators, Trademate Results & Special Guest | Sunday Streams Ep. 6

Welcome to Episode 6 of Sunday Streams with Trademate Sports where we answer your betting questions, discuss both new and […]

Football betting tips | Profit before a ball has even been kicked | Betfair trading strategy

I have discussed how to profit from football matches pre-kick-off before. Visit the dedicated video here: – https://youtu.be/Yr5YH0OfdIQ In this […]

BetJet Pro Ladder Trade

Trading on the ladder and then using the revolutionary Win % Gauge to help you spot the beaten horses.

Sorare Review: A Financially Risky Proposition? | NFT Fantasy Football Game

As requested, here are my thoughts on Sorare the collectable fantasy football trading game that can be played on the […]

#BettingPeople JOSEPHINE GORDON Part 2/2

Josephine talks about what keeps her motivated as a jockey, what race she’d most want to win, and her personal […]