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BetJet Pro Video

How to get Betfair Live Video up for BetJet Pro.

Percentage of rivals beaten (PRB) and Finishing position LTO added

As requested by existing members we have added the following additional outputs within the pre race download file (https://www.racing-bet-data.com/today.asp) PRB […]

Using slicers with horse racing data

This video will help you filter, manipulate and display output from our data dashboard https://www.racing-bet-data.com/default.asp using a simple pivot table […]

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Drone Traders

Drone Trading is the new thing for 2021 since on track traders were not allowed on course. The new Betfair […]

Betfair trading | How to find perfect trading opportunties automatically using Bet Angel (HD)

This is a duplicate(ish) upload as YouTube couldn’t render the previous one to HD quality, so I’ve uploaded it again […]

BetJet Pro Drone Signals

Use the bets placed by drone operators and the BetJet Pro Race Meter to see a clear indication of the […]

EURO 2021: Can England Win? Is Football Coming Home? | Statistical Chances…

Will England win EURO 2020 and what are their chances? This is a video update ahead of the Euro 2020 […]

BJP Race Meter

Using the Race Meter in BetJet Pro to highlight the drone operator’s bets.

How Artificial Intelligence is Beating the Bookie | Beth.Bet is Improving Betting Prediction Forever

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BetJet Pro Stop Entry Laying

How to use the Stop Entry Tool in BetJet Pro to trigger a bet on a horse that is drifting […]

Filtering the current days horse racing results using slicers

Following on from the success of the new slicer methods for the pre race download file we have now introduced […]

Detailed output from your selection criteria

We’ve tweaked the pre race download file (https://www.racing-bet-data.com/today.asp) selection tab output so you can now get the full detail for […]

Pre race download file (27/06/21)

In case you missed the previous launch video, here is a further delve into the new selection filters for the […]

Horse Racing selection method within pre race download Excel sheet

Select your horses using our new Pivot table / Slicer methodology built in to the Pre race download file here […]

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In this video, I’ve split the discussion between an explanation of how I approach a market and an actual trade […]

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Poisson mathematical method to predict football outcomes and betting markets

This FREE excel sheet uses Poisson distribution to give the “true” expectation and probability of football outcomes. Easily important data […]

Using the Race Meter

The Race Meter in BetJet Pro shows you the moves the users of drones are using much earlier than you […]

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Trading the grid with BetJet Pro using the race meters doing a mid race lay and exit and a late […]

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