One Line Betfair Trading Lesson – Day 5

Betfair Trading lessons brought to you by Ryan Carruthers from Betfair Trading Community, in these times where people are working […]

Racing Post Gone Forever? (Shock News)

Has the Racing Post gone forever? Suprise news broke today about the horse racing industry number one newspaper. Here are […]

One Line Betfair Trading Lesson – Day 4

Betfair Trading lessons brought to you by Ryan Carruthers from Betfair Trading Community, in these times where people are working […]

Betting Strategy That Works | Make an Income Betting on Sports

Want to make an income with sports betting? Watch my betting strategy that actually works every time. In this video, […]

One line betfair trading lesson day 3

Betfair Trading lessons brought to you by Ryan Carruthers from Betfair Trading Community, in these times where people are working […]

One line betfair trading lessons day 2

Betfair trading lessons day 2, pro trader Ryan Carruthers doing a live video with a one line lesson for all […]

Betfair trading | Horse racing pre-off trade nets £330 in five minutes

Sometimes the market can give you big clues in terms of the direction in which it is going. In this […]

Betfair Trading & Coronavirus turning Obstacles into Opportunities!

Pro Betfair Trader Martin details how to turn the obstacle of Coronavirus into an opportunity. How the perceptions in our […]

How Safe Are Your Betting Funds?

Are your betting accounts funds safe? In a time of uncertainty, many users have been asking similar questions. This video […]

How Will Coronavirus Impact Matched Betting?

How Will Coronavirus Impact Matched Betting? How will you make extra cash in lockdown? Is Matched Betting still possible? These […]

Betfair Trading: £8.59 Profit on £10 Stakes (5 Races)

Learning about Betfair Trading with a limited amount of markets to trade? This clip is the answer! In this video, […]

Betfair tennis trading. Anisimova v Strycova. Monitor in play stats.

This isn’t the video I thought it was as you can tell from my reaction at the end! Still, it […]

Betfair trading | Cheltenham Festival 2020 | Trading diary

#betfairtrading #horseracing #trading #betangel #cheltenhamfestival Visit the academy to get exclusive content you won’t find on YouTube – http://www.betangelacademy.com Get […]

Betfair Live Trading – First Half Goal Strategy

A live trading example of our First Half Goal trading strategy.

Betfair Live Trading The Over 1.5 Goals (Ryan’s Split Stake Strategy)

A tutorial on how to find and use Ryan’s famous Over 1.5 goal split stake trading strategy!

Coronavirus Betfair Trading – What Betfair Trading Community Are Doing?

What can you do now Coronavirus has stopped Betfair Trading? As you know, being a sports lover, the Coronavirus is […]

Update: Cheltenham Day 3: Caan Berry

Cheltenham Festival update! A short and snappy one on the way into the office from Caan Berry. Are you trading […]

Football Betfair Trading: Going For A Late Goal Filter 75% win rate

Football Trading Strategy – From Betfair Trading Community! In this video Pro Trader Martin Futter talks through a great football […]

Cheltenham Trading: How Big Can You Stake?

The Horse Racing traders event of the year is here. The Cheltenham Festival, but how much can you stake safely? […]

Profits from the Pro Traders at TTT

New site goes live 21st March, don’t miss out.

Cheltenham Festival 2020 – Profiting before the Festival has even started!

For full information on how Cheltenham trades visit the Bet Angel Academy. We have exclusive videos on actual Cheltenham markets: […]

£1,000 in 1 Week? Matched Betting the Cheltenham Festival

Matched Betting is a great way to make money online. Over the Cheltenham Festival there are many increased free bets […]

Banned or restricted by a bookmaker? – Here is a simple solution

Punters being restricted by a bookmaker, or even worse banned. Has been the downfall of many a profitable sports betting […]

Betfair Trading – How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by trading on Betfair? This video will help you overcome that and become a better […]

Matched Betting Insight with OddsMonkey – Cheltenham 2020 Special

Source: https://www.podbean.com/eau/pb-8p3ue-d50711   This is the fifth episode of Matched Betting Insight and this is a Cheltenham 2020 Special.Host Graeme […]

1 Of The Most Overlooked Stats For Football Trading?

In this video I talk about what I believe is one of the most overlooked stats in all of football […]

How Does Matched Betting Work? | Beginners Guide to Matched Betting

To beginners, the Matched Betting process can appear confusing. This is why we’ve created this informational video guide to help […]

How Profitable is Cheltenham Festival Sports Trading?

How much profit can you make at the Cheltenham Festival? It’s a big week for the betting public. Check out […]

Cheltenham v Standard Betfair Horse Racing Trading (Betfair)

Betfair Trading at Cheltenham is very different to standard horse racing. The exchange markets trade very differently. Come un-prepared and […]

PMT Draw Inflation and free insurance trades

If you can make free cover on a score or two or the draw trading is very low risk.

Caan Berry Interview: Becoming A Pro Trader Part 2

In the second and final part of his interview with Betfair, Caan Berry first talks about how he manages the […]

Cheltenham Cancelled by Coronavirus? (71% Chance)

Are you planning on going to the Cheltenham Festival in 2020? It’s not long now but there are fresh concern’s […]

Laying or Backing

It drives me insane when administrators talk about laying horses being a source of corruption. You have been able to […]

Goals Trading on Betfair – Gameflow impact of a goal

How do goals effect the flow of a match and how we should trade them? Pro Trader Martin explains it […]