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Three Ticks Ladder

Utilising the speed of BetJet pro to take advantage of gaps in the price range during the race.

Betfair trading on a horse racing, explained in 3 minutes

Back in 2014, Betfair asked me to record a whole day of Betfair trading on horse racing and filmed the […]

BetJet Pro Tick Offset

The Tick Offset tool in BetJet Pro is an incredible improvement on what has been available over the past decade. […]

Tick Offset

First attempt at three tick offset on BetJet Pro

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Geegeez Gold Mobile Racecards and Form Tools

Take a peek at how the new racecards and form tools from geegeez.co.uk look on mobile and tablet.

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Horse Profiling 2021

How to profile horses’ optimal conditions using Geegeez Gold’s Query Tool and Profiler.

Footstock Administration… (Official Annoncement & My Reaction)

Footstock has announced they are going into administration today. See my reaction and the official announcement here… You can see […]

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Betfair Tennis Trading. WTA St Petersburg 2021 quarter finals. Second match. Kasatkina v Sasnovich

Please note that I lose a lot of video quality when I upload to Youtube. I think I have found […]

Betfair Tennis Trading. WTA St Petersburg 2021 quarter finals. First match. Siniakova v Gasparyan

Please note that I lose a lot of video quality when I upload to Youtube. I think I have found […]

Betfair trading diary | Cheltenham 2021

So that’s another Cheltenham Festival put to bed, but how did it go? Here is my diary of the 2021 […]

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Making rapid progress toward your goals is a skill, one that can be developed and structured logically. So if you’re […]