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Responding to NEGATIVE Tweets (Winning Betting)

Recent uploads have brought a handful of comments, most of which are quite similar. See this video response now! See […]

I’m shocked they’re allowed to do this… (betting companies)

After yesterday’s controversial video several of you have been in touch, and it’s not good. Yesterday’s upload: What do […]

MoPlay or No Play? +£726.32 Betting Profit in One Day

MoPlay is a new bookmaker that claims they are improving the game. Watch this video to see more about my […]

Full-Time Betfair Trading: Quitting Work to Make a Living?

Trading Betfair for a living can be extremely rewarding. However, taking the leap can be a scary prospect. In this […]

Peter Asks: What Internet Speed for Betfair Trading? (Quick Answer)

What connection speed to you need for Betfair trading? As asked in the YouTube comments! Submit your question below to […]

1 Horse Race: How Many Trades Placed?

When do you STOP? When do you carry on? How many trades do I place in one race? In this […]

XMass Gifts: 10 x Prizes in 3 Days

Take Part: Last entry is at 23:59 on the 15th of December 2019. What are you waiting for? Get […]

Betfair Trading Video: Swingers Club! (Screen Recording)

Want more help? Subscribe here: In this Betfair trading video we take a look at swing trading and the […]

Why Can’t I Cash Out on Bet 365?

Izzy Asked: Why Can’t I Cash Out on Bet 365? Here’s the answer… Original Question: This video will tell […]

Viewing Betfair Historic Data: Solving the Puzzle!

Looking for Betfair’s Historical Data? You’re in the right place. This breif clip shares all the information you’ll need to […]

How to Find Profitable 2 Up Opportunities! (Quick Picks)

As mentioned, Full 2Up Guide: In this Q & A, Online asks: How do you find the best 2up […]

Price Fixing and Manipulation in Betting?

Is fixing and manipulation a big issue in betting? In this weeks Q & A Tabster33 asks the hard-hitting questions… […]

What to Do When Betfair Crashes?

In this Q & A, Mike Doorman asks about: What to Do When Betfair Crashes?? Caan answers… It’s a real […]

When’s a Good Time to Trade and WHY?

Subscribe here for extra help with a free lesson: In this Q & A, Kamil asks: When’s a Good […]

When Are You a Professional Betfair Trader?

Subscribe here for extra help with a free lesson: In this Q & A, the Good fast asks: When’s […]

How to Handle Non-Believers Who Stop You Progressing…

Want more trading help? Check out People around you have a far bigger influence on trading than you think. […]

How to Approach Seasonal Changes (Pre-Race Trading)

Finding the seasonal changes tough amongst the pre-race markets? It’s nothing new, every year new traders find this time of […]

New 90 Day Challenge.

Will I achieve it? I’ll certainly try. A new 90-day challenge has been set! Find out more, follow along and […]

In Play Betting on Up? More Profitable? (Tips Included)

Lee asks: Is in play betting on the up? In this video, Caan answers the question, gives some in play […]

Trading Outsiders & Contrarian Thinking?

Don’t miss important questions! Playlist: If you have a question for the Q & A please submit it via […]


Check out the latest followers Q & A. The whole playlist is here: A slightly more controversial question than […]

FREE Bet Calculator (+Video Instructions)

Get Premium Access Free: There are many different bet calculators online, with different uses. In this video, we take […]

How Do You Avoid Gubbing? Pro Traders View…

Subscribe for more helpful videos: Gubbings and account restrictions are more common than ever. If you’ve had your account […]

Giving Away Secrets?

Recent blog: Does Caan give away too much help? Here’s a quick Q & A episode where a valid […]