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What LEADS Price Movement? (and Why)

Recent clip: What leads a price movement and why? A followers Q & A all about motivating factors in […]

When Do You Change Strategy? (Why You Should)

Changing your open positions or approach to trading a betting market. When should you be doing this? In this followers […]

Greyhound Betting: Little Known Reality…

Greyhound betting markets behave differently to many other sports. Not in the sense they bet any different, but because of […]

What’s the BEST Race to Trade? (and Why)

One of the most frequent questions in pre-race trading is; what’s the best race to trade?! If there is one… […]

Evening Trading: UK Horse Racing (Pre Race)

Have a 9-5 job? Trading UK horse racing of an evening racing may be your only option. In this Followers […]

3 BIG Question : Variance, Going In-Play & Best Sport

Sorry but there’s been more than we can handle recently. So here’s 3 followers questions and answers nailed in one […]

Cash-Out CON MEN: Bookmakers Exposed (2018)

Do you use a bookmakers cash out function? There’s no surprise to see more and more bookmakers offering cash out. […]

Betting Podcast: Sports Betting on Betfair (the Betting Guy)

If you haven’t listened to the Betting Guy podcast yet, it’s worth a shout. Particularly whilst on the move… This […]

Bet Angel Review: Sports Trading Software

Interested in Bet Angel software for Betfair? This is a quick review we created after covering others software types.Tap the […]

Work Life Balance: What’s Your Choice?

Everyone has different priorities. In this Q & A we talk about exactly that! What are yours? Work life balance […]

Cold Trading on Betfair Blindly Winning

Tried cold trading on Betfair’s exchanges? Many people don’t think it’s possible, they think you need to know lots about […]

Betting Tips: Bookmaker SCAM? (+£650 RIP-OFF)

Looking for Betting tips? Be careful. All is not what it seems… See this video highlight the problems with betting […]

Day Trading on Betfair: What’s it Like? (3 Pointers)

Is day trading something you aspire to do? In this Q & A Caan addresses a followers question about day […]

Betfair Trading Made Simple? …Revealed (for Newbies Only)

LINK: We all know the reality is; Betfair trading isn’t exactly simple. It never will be. However, that doesn’t […]

Trolls & Haters Thanks for Your Concern…

Older P/L Video: Betfair Learning Directory: Betfair YouTube Channel: Betdaq YouTube Channel: Matchbook YouTube Channel: […]

ROOKIE ERROR: Morning Trading (on Betfair)

In this weeks follower Q & A a question about trading from the night before is asked. See what the […]

Racing Post Tips Help: PRICEWISE…

A quick video about the racing post tips, pricewise and well… answering a followers question. Do you follow the racing […]

Why Use Training Mode? (Newbie Question)

Training mode: boring right? Apparently not… a common question that’s probably on plenty of new traders mind. Caan addresses one […]

Trading Freedom: Winning on the Move (Foreign Countries)

Quality question in this weeks Q & A about trading on the move. The freedom of trading from different locations […]

SUPERIOR Trading: Escape the Pain… (Best Question Yet)

Need to get the edge? It helps if you’re not holding yourself back for a start. In this followers question […]

Estimated Queue Position Explained (Followers Q & A)

Have you tried the estimated queue function? Did you even know it’s there? Here’s a quick but concise one about […]

DOBBING STRATEGY: (Pointers to Follow)

Tried dobbing? Discussed inside this Q & A – the commonly referred to dobbing strategy. Here’s an article that will […]

Do I Ever Bet?

A surprise question from Shane about betting in general… Do you just bet? Have you found a useful way to […]

Racing UK Showing Irish Horse Racing? [Q & A]

Racing UK is the premium horse racing channel in the uk. But things are due to change – Irish horse […]