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Long Term Profitability as a Sports Trader:

Every sports trader wants to stay in the game, right? In this clip I respond to Neil, a committed sports […]

95% of New Traders LOSE: Bad as it Sounds?

Are you worried about losing? It’s reported that 95% eventually lose. Logic dictates one of the first places to start […]

BETDAQ Trading Software Explained (by Caan Berry)

High profile exchange users often use trading software and automatic programs. If you’re going to give it a go, it’s […]

How To Win Betting: Finding an ADVANTAGE (in 2018)

Everyone wants to know how to win in betting, but very few manage it. In this video I discuss the […]

How to Cash Out: EASY Explanation (by a Pro Trader)

Looking for a good cash out explanation? Your lucks in… This video shows you how to cash out on any […]

How to Find Front Running Horses [Q & A]

Great question about how to find a front running horse! In this Q & A the topic of what tools […]

Laying Betting, Backing and Decimal Odds EXPLAINED (2018):

Lay betting confuses many people, it really shouldn’t though. Here’s a quick but effective video explaining how lay betting works […]

How Betting Exchanges Work: SIMPLE Explanation… (Step by Step)

Want to know how betting exchanges work? Or what a betting exchange is? – you’re in the right place… In […]

How to Become a Professional Gambler [Q & A]

The answer is a little different to you may expect! Professional gamblers share a common trait; not following the crowd. […]

#BetfairTrading Q & A: Is TV Coverage Crucial?

Are the racing channels that important if you are looking to trade the betting exchanges? In this weeks Q & […]

My Trading Setup Revealed…

Geeks Toy Setup: For all the questions about which hardware setup to use, this is it! See this clip […]

Gruss Betting Assistant Reviewed: Betting Software

See this quick review about one of the three main softwares that are used within the trading community on Betfair […]

#CheltenhamFestival Update [Day 3] ….

Have you been trading the Cheltenham festival this week? Here’s a very quick video update for day 3 at the […]

Beating the Horse Racing Handicapping System…

For anyone who’s interested in horse racing it’s worth looking at the handicapping system. Knowing how it works, understanding its […]

#Cheltenham Festival Trading [Q & A]

Day one and the #Cheltenham Festival is underway. Followers Q & A ! Follow my sports trading journey here: […]

Why is LIQUIDITY So Important?

When it comes to trading betting exchanges, liquidity is king. In fact, without it not a lot else matters. In […]

3 Part Question: Trading TAX for Sports Traders

Anxious about paying tax on your winnings if you should trade full time? A commonly asked question in both the […]

Top 3 Sports Trading Strategies…

A quick Q & A about the top 3 trading strategies to focus on when arriving in the markets as […]

Low Risk Betfair Trading Strategies – Caan Berry

Follow my sports trading journey here: ? Subscribe to my channel here: Caan Berry successful Betfair […]

Laying the Draw: Football Trading Strategy…

Most people have heard of laying the draw in football. But one follower has a question about the football trading […]

Simple Arbitrage Betting Strategy [Followers Q & A]

Stacey asks for an easy way to generate a profit as she learns about trading. Having already dipped her toes […]

Trading on Betfair for a Living [Followers Q & A]

A typical question for those who are considering doing this for a full time living. On this followers Q & […]

Scalping Module: Inside Look

Take a quick peek inside. Full details here: Learning to Scalp? Here’s an insight to the credentials of a […]

Fear of Missing Out: Trading Psychology [Q & A]

Trading psychology is under-rated when it comes to manual trading on the betting exchanges. In fact it’s probably the same […]