Messing about with Geegeez Gold

Winter Gold offer is here https://www.geegeez.co.uk/geegeez-gold-winter-2021-special-offer/ We’ll spend some time playing: looking at how to solve horseracing puzzles, and then […]

Football Trader, Do you need LIVE pics to be profitable?

football trader! I think you dont need live pictures to be profitable Football trader You dont need live pictures to […]

#BettingPeople Interview MARCO BLUME Trading Director Pinnacle 1/2

Marco Blume is the director of trading at international bookmaking giant Pinnacle. In this interview he talks about his background, […]

Here is why Betfair trading is so effective and why it doesn’t need to be complicated

This weekend I will be Betfair trading for most of Friday, through the early hours of Saturday morning right through […]

Football Research: 4 Steps 90% Overlook!

Football research is the key element to successful football predictions, trading and betting. If you want to increase your prediction […]

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We all hate losing days but what if we could turn them into something positive! Martin shows us how all […]

#BettingPeople – Anthony Kaminskas (Part 4)

How some professional gamblers suffer from stress, Anthony has an issue with ‘problem winning’ and being unable to switch of […]

#BettingPeople – Anthony Kaminskas (Part 3)

Anthony talks about betting exchanges, bookmakers who do their best not to pay when punters win how a lot of […]

Stop Matched Betting DO Betfair Trading Instead

Betfair trading is 10x more lucrative and less time consuming than matched betting. I get a lot of messages and […]

Safer Gambling Week – Michael Dugher

Michael Dugher, CEO of the Betting And Gaming Council, talks about ‘Safer Gambling Week’, the reason for it, and its […]

#BettingPeople – Anthony Kaminskas (Part 2)

Anthony explains that he was always looking for inefficiencies in their markets. How he thinks he can beat the maths […]

The Smart Betting Club Podcast Ep 23 | Andrew Lowrie of the Optimum Racing service

An interview with long running racing tipster, Andrew Lowrie of the Optimum Racing service. Andrew has been working in the […]

#BettingPeople – Anthony Kaminskas (Part 1)

Professional gambler Anthony talks about his beginnings in the ‘game’, working for Paddy Power and having his eyes opened that […]

4 Tipsters that are profitable on Betfair Exchange

Looking for an alternative to betting at the bookies? In this video we feature 4 tipsters that are profitable on […]

Betfair trading | Trading doesn’t need to be scary, here is why….

It’s quite common when you start out with any form of trading to experience a moment where you think the […]

#BettingPeople – Ed Arkell (Part 2)

In Part 2, Ed shows Hannah the equipment used to maintain ground at the course and explains why the going […]

#BettingPeople Interview ED ARKELL Goodwood Clerk of Course 2/2

In Part 2, Ed shows Hannah the equipment used to maintain ground at the course and explains why the going […]

Fixed Football Match Betting?

This upload shows you how to spot fixed football matches through betting patterns and analytical data. Also, we highlight what […]

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Here Martin shows how to create a simple strategy to beat the odds! Whether it is football tips and advice, […]

#BettingPeople – Ed Arkell (Part 1)

Goodwood’s Clerk of the Course since 2017, ED ARKELL has been a part of the course since, when he started […]

Become God Like At Match Reading

Do you struggle with Match Reading on Betfair? Let me start with a serious question? Have you ever seen those […]

Is CashFX a Bitcoin Fuelled Pozi Scheme?

CashFX is promoted as a forex trading and training platform with the ability to return 15% a week consistently. They […]

Betfair trading | How I uncovered this £100 Betfair trade | Fully explained

While I was Betfair trading this week I did a trade where I had enough time to tweet out that […]

Betfair Losses How Pros Handle Losses

Betfair losses happen, yes I said it suprised? Even the pros get losses on Betfair which is exactly the reason […]

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If you’re thinking about using crypto betting sites it’s important that you understand the most recent crypto betting scams and […]

#BettingPeople – Matthew Shaddick (Part 4)

In Part 4, Matthew reveals his politicians to look out for and looks towards some of the big events coming […]

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How do Pro Betfair Trader decide if a trade or bet is value? This video will teach you the basic […]

#BettingPeople – Matthew Shaddick (Part 3)

In Part 3, Matthew discusses the process behind his bets, setting up his markets, and trading choices based on his […]

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Crypto Betting has exploded over the last two years. Take a look as I get straight into the pro’s and […]

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Serious question for Betfair traders? What’s the difference between a trader who takes 10 mins to fill in their results […]

#BettingPeople – Matthew Shaddick (Part 2)

In Part 2, Matthew talks about the growing amount of exchange products offered – including at his new employer, Smarkets […]

#BettingPeople – Matthew Shaddick (Part 1)

One of the most respected men in political betting, MATTHEW SHADDICK is Head of Politics at Smarkets, having recently joined […]

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A great question asked in our members forum this week! How do you decide to trade a match if you […]

CRYPTO CRASH: Sparking a Global Meltdown?

Following recent statements about how cryptocurrency could spark a financial meltdown, I thought I’d share my thoughts. Do you hold […]