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20 Year Betting Analyst Shares Unique Insights & Experiences | EPISODE 3 Betting Insiders

Joseph Buchdahl has been analysing betting and sports data for over 20 years. He has also authored 4 books on […]

World’s Largest Football Gambler: Tony Bloom’s Unbelievable Story…

This is the story of Tony Bloom, the worlds largest football gambler. He’s also known for his poker playing success […]

Ben Keith CEO of Star Sports on: Affordability, Restriction & More… | EPISODE 2 Betting Insiders

Check out this week’s interview upload where Caan talks with Ben Keith, the CEO of Start Sports, a fully licensed […]

Smarkets CEO Jason Trost on Commission, SBK, Winners, Pro Tier & More | EPISODE 1 Betting Insiders

See my call with Jason where you get the inside look on consistent winners, professional commission, Smarkets evolution, SBK, affordability […]

EURO 2021: Can England Win? Is Football Coming Home? | Statistical Chances…

Will England win EURO 2020 and what are their chances? This is a video update ahead of the Euro 2020 […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Beating the Bookie | Beth.Bet is Improving Betting Prediction Forever

It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence improved betting prediction so you could beat the bookies! This […]

$700,000 Loan to $300M Win: How a Pro Gambler Uses Analytics to Beat Football | Matthew Benham

This video explains how Matthew Benham, a professional gambler, turned a $700,000 loan into $300M win. Over the last 15 […]

Full Order Flow Trading Example on Betfair Exchange | Pre-Race Horse Racing Trading by Caan Berry

This is an order flow trading on Betfair. For more detailed insight, see the course options here: Learning how […]

Betfair Automation for Beginners: What You Need to Know… (Followers Q&A)

With the right know-how, it’s possible to automate trading activity on the Betfair exchange. However, it might not be as […]

How to Profit on Short Priced Favourites in Racing | Sports Trading Example for Beginners

This week’s upload is a sports trading example that shows a pre-race trade on horse racing for beginners. It shows […]

Going Types in Racing Horse Racing & How the Going is Calculated at Racecourses

This is a video guide to understanding going and ground types in horse racing. You today’s going types here: […]

Is Matched Betting Finally Dead in 2021? When is the Game Over?

Matched Betting has been around for years, but is it finally on the cusp of being extinct? This video answers […]

Best Live Streams for In-Play Horse Racing | Streaming Sites Compared

Looking for a live horse racing stream that suits your needs? This video compares the best horse racing streaming sites […]

Best Horse Racing Statistics Website For Picking Winners in 2021

Wondering what the best horse racing statistics website is? This week’s upload has the answer, having looked at At The […]

Does The Stall Draw Affect The Chance Of Winning In Flat Horse Racing? by Caan Berry

How do the stalls affect the chance of a horse winning? This upload shares all the facts and information that […]

How Barney Curley Made +£2 Million Betting on Horse Racing in One Day | Yellow Sam Coup

This video shares the experiences of Barney Curley, a professional horse racing gambler from Ireland who routinely landed betting coups […]

Horse Racing Types, Groups and Classifications Explained (Full Guide) by Caan Berry

There are many types of horse race, group, grade and class. In this video Caan explains all in a full […]

How to Make a Complaint Against a Bookmaker & Win the Case | Dispute Resolution

If you need to make a complaint against or to a bookmaker, sportsbook or betting operator this video shows you […]

All Weather Horse Racing Surfaces Explained: Tapeta, Polytrack & Fibresand

This guide to all-weather horse racing surfaces explains all you need to know about Tapeta, Polytrack and Fibresand. The tracks […]

How to Overcome Your Top Day Trading Problem | Fear & Psychology for Day Traders

Do these day trading problems sound familiar? This video explores 4 of the main day trading problems, regardless of trading […]

Geeks Toy for Betfair: Settings Download & 10 FREE Subscriptions 2021

If you’re looking for the right Geeks Toy settings for Betfair, this video will help. It includes my personal Geeks […]

Is Chris Eubanks Jr’s £10,000 Canelo Bet Real? | William Hill Bet Slip

Canelo Alverez fights Billy Joe Saunders but who will win? Chris Eubank Jr claims to have placed a £10,000 bet […]

How to Find Accurate Football Statistics Fast on Mobile | #Shorts

Here’s a quick one that’ll help you find accurate football statistics #shorts The stats referenced are here:

How Bet365 Cash-Out Works & Why You Shouldn’t Use It (Including Partial Cash-Out)

Important explanation about Bet365 cash out, how it works and why you should think twice before using it. The same […]