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Live Betfair Trading Analysis – Should I trade using my Gut Feeling?

If you have been around Betfair trading on the Betfair exchange or even if you have just been a punter […]

Before you place the first part of the trade in play does it…

I’ll tell you everything you need to think about before you open that first part of the trade Ryan from […]

Point Mean Prizes – Pro Betfair Trading Language Explained

Martin explains the term ‘Points’ and why it is preferred to using financial figures. To learn to trade in a […]

The 4 things you need sorted before you do any Football trade

What are the 4 things you need sorted before you do any football trade? In this video Ryan Carruthers from […]

Betfair Trading New Year Reflections and Forecasts

We talk about the tough year that was 2020 and look forward to the promise of a great 2021! Join […]

Betfair exchange Pro Trader Time Management advice

Martin talks about how to trade during the Christmas holidays and other busy times. Time management is crucial for any […]

How & Why You Should Plan Your Trades On Betfair!

How & Why You Should Plan Your Trades On Betfair! In this video I will show you the why & […]

Betfair Trading – Target Setting how Profitable Traders do it!

Pro Trader Martin talks us through the good, the bad and the ugly of target setting. How to do it […]

How to stop struggling with staking in 5 minutes – Profiable Betfair Exchange Trading

How to fix struggling with staking in 5 minutes for the Betfair exchange! In the next few minutes I will […]

How many trades should I do per day? Betfair trading exchange advice!

Martin talks both sides of the argument as Betfair Trading community look in more depth at whether you should trade […]

Why don’t you trade international football? Betfair Trading Pro answers!

Martin tells us why he avoids trading international football on the Betfair exchange, even though he makes a living as […]

What every football trader should know about how to select a Betfair Trading strategy!

Betfair Football Trading can be a lot easier if you know how to select a trading strategy! For more learning […]

Betfair Trading Deep Dive – Profitable Second Half Goal Strategy

We go in depth on Gary’s famous second half goal filter and show the criteria he uses to have the […]

Sending and Receiving Profitable Trading Strategies Guide – BTC Stats Software

Here’s how to share profitable filter settings with other “inner circle” BTC members in super quick time

Road to profit series #1- Interview with a profitable Betfair trader #4

The last in the road to profit series where Ryan from Betfair Trading Community speaks with profitable pro traders to […]

Betfair Trading in the Coronavirus New Lockdown Update!

There is some good news for Betfair Traders in the new Covid Coronavirus lockdown update. Elite sport will continue! This […]

Betfair Trading vs Matched Betting – What are the main differences?

Martyn on the forum asked this week what the differences were between Betfair Trading and Matched Betting so this seemed […]

Road to profit series #1 – 3rd Interview with a profitable Betfair trader

This is one of my favourite series I have done, being able to talk to profitable traders on the Betfair […]

Pro Betfair Trading – The Pros and the Cons to Full-Time Sports Betting!

Pro Trader Martin explains to us the pros and cons of living the life of a Betfair Sports Trader. So […]

Road to profit series #1 – 2nd Interview with a profitable trader

This is the second interview with a profitable trader on the Betfair Exchange, the inspritation for this series came from […]

Betfair Trading Community Review – Complete Video Walkthrough Guide!

What does a membership to the best Betfair Trading Community out there get you? Watch this video of the sports […]

Number #1 Betfair Football Trading Market?

What’s the best football trading market on Betfair? Join the greatest Betfair sports trading community:

Best Tennis Trading Market on the Betfair Exchange?

Getting started with tennis trading on the betfair exchange but not sure which is the best market? It’s something people […]

I Made a Mistake – Betfair Trading confessions

Time to talk about something personal! Join the world’s best trading community: