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Dobbing, Back to Lay & Lay To Back Explained – Betfair Horse Racing Trading for Beginners

Dobbing, back to lay and lay to back are the most popular horse racing strategies on Betfair. Here we explain […]

Live Horse Racing Trading – Back The Favourite Set & Forget Strategy Walkthrough – Betfair Exchange

Keith has created a back the favourite horse racing strategy that is better than mine! So here it is, with […]

95% of Betfair Traders LOSE ££ : Is it True?

Are you one of the losing traders on Betfair? If so you will want to watch this video! It aims […]

Profitable Dobbing – Back To Lay – Horse Racing Strategy | Betfair Trading DOB System 2022

Only a Few Spaces Left! Sign up today here: This is a walkthrough guide of John’s profitable dobbing horse […]

18 Profitable Betfair Trading Horse Racing Strategies – Download To Keep! DOB – B2L – Lay Strats Etc

18 Profitable Betfair Trading Horse Racing Strategies – Download them and keep them for yourself to have forever! We […]

Betfair Tennis Trading – Easiest Strategy For 2022

Tennis trading on Betfair? Welcome to the easy, profitable, don’t need to know anything about tennis strategy – That works […]

11 – Betting Rules – Betfair Horse Racing Software

Do you want to find profitable horse racing strategies in seconds without months of paper-trading? Get yourself on the waiting […]

Betfair Automated Trading is Easy & Will Save You Huge Amounts of Time | Plus Pre-made Bots for You!

Automation will change your trading life! A lot of Betfair traders now automate their trading so that they save lots […]

Summer Football Trading – My Favourite Leages to Trade

Football trading hasn’t stopped, I want to share with you my favourite football leagues to carry your trading on through […]

Win Consistently Horse Race Betting System 2022 ( ALL EXPLAINED) – Finally Hard Proof with Data!

Download the most profitable strategy I have come up with to date on Horse Racing. Using our powerful back testing […]

Set & Forget Football Trading Strategies – 3 Month Testing Update!

We have been working as a group on some Set & Forget Football Strategies on the Betfair Exchange, here are […]

Better Discipline with Betfair Trading – Once and for all!

Are you one of the many Betfair traders who struggle with discipline when trading? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to […]

Lay The Beaten Favourite Strategy Walkthrough- Horse Racing Trading on Betfair Exchange

Here is my video guide of a popular lay the beaten favourite strategy, showing which criteria I use. If you […]

How To Share & Download Profitable Horse Racing Strategies – Betfair Trading Software Guide!

This video will walk you through how to share or download profitable horse racing strategies that are shared on the […]

Profitable Member Football Strategies – Betfair Trading 1 Month Results Update

As requested we are retesting the popular shared members filters post Covid pandemic. Why not check out our community, we […]

Why Do People Think Betfair Traders Are Gamblers?

Why do people call betfair traders gamblers? It’s a question for us betfair traders thats a tale as old as […]

How To Improve Any Horse Racing Strategy – Betfair Trading Software That Gives You an Edge!

In this video I show you exactly how you can improve and refine any horse racing trading strategy. The beauty […]

Instantly Back Testing Your Strategy for Courses, Class etc! – Betfair Horse Racing Trading Software

This video will demonstrate how our unique Betfair Horse Racing Trading Software can instantly show you the results of any […]

B2L Betfair Horse Racing Strategy – 2022

Want my KILLER B2L Betfair Horse Racing Strategy? This horse racing strategy made me so much money on Betfair. Back […]

NEW 2022 Build a Horse Racing System or Strategy – Anyone Can Do It! Betfair Trading Software Guide

This guide will walk you through the simple steps you can follow to create your very own horse racing strategy […]

Under 1.5 Goals Set & Forget Strategy + Step by Step Guide To Create Your Own! Easy Betfair Trading

An under 1.5 goals strategy created on the fly to show you how simple strategies can be created easily using […]

Football Trading is OVER….is it?

Are you one of the football traders who thinks football trading is over till August now? If you are you […]

The #1 Betfair Horse Racing Strategy Software: How To Make Money With The Strategy Builder!

The #1 Betfair Horse Racing Strategy Software: How To Make Money With The Strategy Builder! This introduction will show you […]

Football Betting Strategies | How to Bet on Draws, Research & Create a Betfair Trading Strategy!

Watch as Martin walks us through how to start creating a back the draw strategy for Betfair trading. Betfair Traders […]