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800 hours spent Betfair trading – Lessons learned in 5 mins….

800 hours spent Betfair trading! That’s the average amount of time Betfair traders spend trading to get better on the […]

How to turn your list of potential trades into a list of trades

Potential trades how on earth do you turn them into a list of trades you actually want to do? That’s […]

Why Has My Profitable Betfair Trading Strategy Started to Lose?

We love trading at @Betfair Trading Community! Have you ever started trading a strategy and found it made a profit, […]

How to scale your strategy like a pro Betfair trader

You’ve got a strategy on Betfair that you are using, it’s going well… how do you scale that like a […]

Post Trade: Did you follow your trading plan?

Today we talk Trading plan, more specifically post trade I want to know if you followed your trading plan? Listen….. […]

Why most traders fail? & here’s what you can do about it?

At Betfair Trading Community, we are always wanting to help traders get better. Recently we did a survey of traders…. […]

Post Match: What to track after the football trade

Have no idea what you should track after the football trade? In the next 5 mins I am going to […]

**CREATE TIME FOR BETFAIR!** How to find time for Betfair Trading

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Everything you need to know before you exit your Football trade?

In this video I will break down what you need to know before you exit your trade! Ryan here from […]

The End Is Near! Covid 19 Betfair Trading Update 2021

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Should you Test a Betfair Trading Strategy Before Investing?

Should you Test a Betfair Trading Strategy Before Investment? The number one most common mistake traders make is that they […]

How to Improve Your Match Reading! – Football Trading on Betfair 101

Improve Your Match Reading – Football Trading on Betfair 101 You aren’t rubbish at match reading – you are just […]

Should you use Tipsters? Or create your own Betfair Trading Strategies?

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is ‘Should I join a paid tipping service?’ Read […]

How to monitor your trade in play – 1 thing you should do….

There is in my eyes only one thing that you should be doing when you are trading in play…. this […]

Betfair Trading – What’s Holding You Back?

Betfair Trading – What’s Holding You Back? There is a lot of information about Betfair trading out there but from […]

Betfair Trading Training – Is Your In-play Staking Strategy Correct?

When you are opening your trade on beftair do you have your in play staking right? A lot of Betfair […]

Inplay Betfair Trading Advice – Trade Out or Stay In? Pro Trader Tells

Following from last week’s blog post about Betfair exchange trading using a ‘gut feeling’. I was asked a great question […]

How do you feel when football trading on the Betfair Exchange?

When you are Football Trading in play on the Betfair exchange one of the most overlooked things football traders do […]

Live Betfair Trading Analysis – Should I trade using my Gut Feeling?

If you have been around Betfair trading on the Betfair exchange or even if you have just been a punter […]

Betfair Exchange Inplay Football Trading Advice – What Must I ask?

I’ll tell you everything you need to think about before you open that first part of the trade Ryan from […]

Point Mean Prizes – Pro Betfair Trading Language Explained

Martin explains the term ‘Points’ and why it is preferred to using financial figures. To learn to trade in a […]

The 4 things you need sorted before you do any Football trade

What are the 4 things you need sorted before you do any football trade? In this video Ryan Carruthers from […]

Betfair Trading New Year Reflections and Forecasts

We talk about the tough year that was 2020 and look forward to the promise of a great 2021! Join […]

Betfair exchange Pro Trader Time Management advice

Martin talks about how to trade during the Christmas holidays and other busy times. Time management is crucial for any […]